Whisstock's Place
Tide Mill Way
Woodbridge IP12 1FP

Whisstock's Place
Tide Mill Way
Woodbridge IP12 1FP

Group Visits to Woodbridge Museum

We welcome visits from any groups of people who are interested in the history of Woodbridge and its local area, for whom a visit to the museum will be a rewarding and informative experience.

What is in the museum:

  1. A chronological journey through the history of Woodbridge, inviting you to meet the people who have lived in or near the town and have had an impact on what the town is today.
  2. Various artefacts on display will tell you about those people. The museum also has a collection of maps, pictures and other artefacts which are available for individual research.
  3. A family area provides information and asks questions about subjects ︎that may interest children and includes a fully equipped doll’s house and a small ‘mock up’ of a school room. There is also a ‘Cat Trail’ with 10 questions for children to find the answers to.
  4. Four mannequins are dressed in the clothes of their time:
    • A mariner
    • A solider from the barracks
    • A land girl
    • Thomas Seckford

What the museum has to offer:

  1. Guided tours of the museum for adult groups; which could be based around the interests of the group. A guided walking tour of the town is also available.
  2. Tours, talks and experiences for secondary school pupils based on their programmes of study and with a focus on any specific period in history.
  3. Tours, talks and experiences for primary school pupils based on the KS1 and KS2 programmes of study and any specific historical aspects which schools would like to investigate.
  4. Please note that the museum has no refreshment or toilet facilities open to the public.

How to arrange a visit:

  1. You may contact the museum at any time to discuss a visit, but please do one of the following:
  2. After receiving your form we will contact you to discuss dates, times and requirements. We may suggest that groups should be limited in number, but this will depend upon the age and requirements of your group. We will also tell you whether the museum will be open to the public at that time.
  3. We will endeavour to accommodate your requirements, but please bear in mind that the museum is run by volunteers and some compromise may be necessary.
  4. Please consider your visit in good time before you wish to come so that we can organise a pre-visit meeting if necessary in order to ensure that we are fully prepared for your visit.
  5. The museum has a Risk Assessment Policy but schools and groups are responsible for their own risk assessment.
  6. You may like to incorporate a visit to the Tide Mill and/or The Long Shed while you are in Woodbridge.

Privacy Notice

If you choose to use the online forms you consent to your data being processed by Google Forms in line with Google's Privacy Policy. When you submit your data into the form this is then sent as an email to the museum and your data is then erased from Google Forms.

If you use one of the other submission methods then your data is handled only by the museum.

All data collected in the form is used only for the purpose of contacting you regarding your visit and ensuring the museum is setup for your visit.

Optional fields like other areas visited and areas of interest are to allow us to tailor the visit to your interests.

Data is retained for as long as is required to contact you and organise your visit. You may request your data to be deleted at any time by emailing: [email protected]